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bike rental in Potsdam and Berlin: rent a good bike!

Guided Bike Tours through Potsdam and Berlin 
Kayak rental and Tours in Potsdam and Berlin

Bike Rental Services
Potsdam & Berlin

The most comfortable and efficient way to discover Berlin as well as Potsdam is by bike. Our bicycles are smooth running and easy to handle. Free maps, locks and baskets are included. Visit us in one of our 3 rental services in Potsdam and Berlin...

Guided Bike Tours
Potsdam & Berlin

Become an expert and take a guide! Tour Potsdam and Berlin by bike - the nicest, most relaxing and at the same time most intensive way to get to know them! Both citys want to be discovered by bike: Potsdam with its beautiful palaces and villas, expansive parks, which belong to the UNESCO world cultural heritage program, Berlin with its famous sights showing the whole german history..

Kayak Rental & Tours Potsdam & Berlin

Paddling Potsdam and Berlin is the most unique experience you can have as a visitor. Berlin is surrounded and saturated by lakes and rivers. Nobody cared much about it since we invented the idee to povide even this. So jump at the chance and enjoy the stunning landscape of Potsdam and the urban Berlin waterscape with a guide or on your own...